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Guest Event – Pit of the Water’s Tongue

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Organiser: Pit of the Water's Tongue

Pit of the water's tongue will be a special nature themed edition event of a series of live performance events that have been ongoing at hARTslane since March 2022 under the name GRAVEL. Each GRAVEL event includes a diversity of live art: sound art, spoken word, happenings, improvisation, drawing, dance and meditation.
Pit of the waters tongue is about the dissolving boundaries between all life on earth. It centres on the idea written by Daisy Hildyard in her book The Second Body that “To be an animal is to be in possession of a physical body, a body which can eat, drink and sleep; it is also to be embedded within a worldwide network of ecosystems”. Eventually, her second body comes to visit her first body when the river floods her home. The performer exists in a similar state of duality as portrayed in The Second Body, they sit between themselves and the audience. There is an uncanny tension in the beguiling nature of live art; it exists in a fluid state, a constant. This idea of tapping into the intangible presents an artform which is its own document and has parallels with the ecosystem.
The idea behind GRAVEL is to present live work as something that is open and adaptable, to inspire and reflect the diversity that performance encompasses. We support performance artists with opportunities as well as an accessible route to an audience and development of ideas. The programme will showcase 80-10 artists each with a 15 minute slot.

  • Date: 18th March, 2023
  • Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Duration: 3 hr(s)
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  • Location:
    hARTS Lane gallery
    17 Harts Lane
    SE14 5UP

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  • Event Type: Arts and Crafts Performance