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This is our second Fashion Show at Telegraph Hill Festival, showing creations of upcoming fashion designers who have combined their cultural heritage and creative ideas in order to produce dresses and accessories that are unique, suit a wide variety of needs and tastes and are suitable for demands of modern life in a big city.

All creations can be purchased for a discounted price during the show. It is a great opportunity for a girly night out or even as a family event.

1. The Colourful Swede - by Sara Aurora Waters
2. motivum fashion (not a mistake, all lower case!)
3. Buco Parade by Poppie Simons Budapest
4. Aniko Murok-Design
5. DIKO DESIGN *London* Accessories
6. Anna Crochets London
7. COUPLE&KNOTS-boho wedding design
9. Kornelia Tailoring
10. Govella Beckerman Design
11. Pattern making and sewing class of Thomas Carlton Centre