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Professors of Pop and the “Rev” Max Ripple

  • Live Music

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Having met through a shared interest in learning, and from many separate relationships with Goldsmiths University of London, ’The POP’ (Professors of Pop) have been writing, recording and performing their own music since 2015. Many of their local admirers are fellow musicians, who appreciate their wit, eclectic range and a self-styled bending of different musical genres. See if you do too!

Then Fragile Star’s blend of soul infused Folk and Roots Americana is uniquely memorable as one, mellifluous sound made by two voices in close harmony. Their influences include Crosby/Stills/Nash & Young, Gillian Welch, Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison.

Starting in 1974, the ‘Rev’ has acted as organist and spiritual advisor to ‘Deaf School’ and since then, despite fearlessly surfing the inclement waves of sartorial fashion, his sermons have changed precious little. No stranger to controversy, he makes his unique contribution to the evening.

Bread and cheese platters available to buy.

Food by Hill Bakery & Deli - Purveyor of excellent artisan breads, farm-made cheese and a whole host of other lovely things to eat and drink.