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Talk, book reading and discussion

In October 1985, Gerry Healy was expelled from the Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP) on charges of sexual abuse and violence. His defenders included leading Party members and sympathisers, famous names in the theatre and politics of the time. Clare Cowen was one of five party members who secretly laid plans to challenge Healy.

In this book, she sets the record straight.

"Clare reports in an exciting narrative the heroic secret resistance that led to the defeat of Gerry Healy and his clique." JP

"In telling her own story Clare uncovers the workings of a psychopathic predator and the devastating impact on those around him. She gives a voice to Gerry Healy's victims to whom she dedicates this book." PV

"Vitally important for all socialists, feminists and libertarian thinkers."JM

"A powerful read that both acts as a warning but also a testament to bravery and courage. Recommended whatever your political beliefs." G